Jul 22, 2017

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Learn How to Create A Minecraft pe Server Today

The minecraft pocket edition is the mobile version of the Minecraft game which was created by Mojang AB. Lately, the minecraft pe has been leading the download chart on the Google and iPhone play-stores respectively.

So far it has received over 20 million downloads taking in mind that it contains in-app purchases. The main reason why the minecraft pe has received so much downloads lately is the simply the ability of it to be played online.

In this article, we'll discuss how you can go about creating and installing your own Minecraft pe server today! So stay back, relax and calmly read this article as the steps below are very complex and therefore needs your complete attention.

Install The PocketMine Server Hosting Software

The PocketMine-MP is a software whose primary function is to setup the Minecraft pe server. It is a free software and can be downloading for free.

In it, there is an API plugin which enables develop customize the minecraft pe by adding new features to the game or they could just set it to default.

Although the company that created minecraft(Mojang) have no direct contact with Pocketmine, the software tool is still a nice option when you're considering creating a minecraft pocket edition, and it will all be done in your computer.

Steps In Installing The PocketMine Server

  • First, visit www.pocketmine.net to download the latest version of the server.
  • Then install it and run it along with the Microsoft C++ 2012 program.
  • Upon starting it, you'll receive a prompt message asking you to choose your preferred language.
  • After that you'll also be asked whether to skip the setup wizard, it is ideal to type "y" and then press return to continue. After doing this, the main parts of the PocketMine-MP server will be installed proper.
  • Input stop and push return in the command box so that it will stop. then close the window.

Enabling Server Configuration

Go to the folder in which you used to save install the PocketMine Setup. Then open the file named "server.properties" using notepad.

NB: It is advisable to use notepad++ as it is more advanced.
Do endeavor to save after you've made changes on your server. Don't make changes while the server is running, unless you'll to restart the server in order for it to take effect.

Post Forwarding

In order for players to connect to the server, they'll be required to connect to the stackexchange.com router. This can be achieved by visiting PortForward.com to get started.

  • Type in this IP in your web browser. A window will pop up asking you for the name and password of the router you're using.
  • Then go back to the server.properties folder, open it and look for the "server port" which is located on the 7th line of the code.
  • Then tap on "services" in the router menu options then click on the "Add custom service" option to continue.
  • Copy and paste the information below and fill it in.
    Name: Minecraft PE server
    Type: Choose the "TCP/UDP" option.
    Start Port: 19132
    Finish port: 19132

  • Then tap on the "add" icon to continue.
  • Click the "Firewall rules" and type in what you see in the below images.

Launch The Server

Locate the folder in which you installed the pocketmine, then click on the start.cmd file twice to run the file. For everyone to be able to connect to your server online, you have to create an account with MCPEindex.com

Following your registration, what's next is an external and you can check and copy your external ip at WhatsMYIP.org . This external IP is to crucial because it is through it that other players can connect to your server.

Now go back to your MCPE account, then tap on the "add server" option then paste the external ip which you copied earlier into it followed by the server-port which is 19132. Once your server is live, a window containing the raw data will appear at the right section of your page.

Creating Multiplayer Mode For The Minecraft PE

  • Download the Multiplayer for Minecraft PE APP on iTunes using this link. Its a paid app for about $2.99
  • Launch and open the app and go to the "Host server" option.
  • Select your server and add your Apple ID information. you can also make changes concerning the server.
  • When you're done with making changes on your server, launch the server and choose the world which you would like to host.
  • Hurray! your server is now launched and is ready for other players to join you to play.

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