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There is a lot about that makes it one of the most visited mobile sites for music, games, and videos download in the world. The waptrick site is built in a way that it incorporates virtually every cool stuff that a mobile phone needs ranging from games, applications, themes and wallpapers, mp3 music and song lyrics. has got a lot to offer to its ever increasing visitors.

The basic categories that you'll encounter when you visit the waptrick mobile site includes;
  • Applications: This section contains the latest mobile applications that are currently trending. The applications are supported on both Android and java phones.

  • Games: Here, you see various mobile games which you can download free. These games are also subdivided into racing, arcade, mind, IQ games, soccer game, action games etc.

  • Videos: The waptrick video section basically contains music videos, short video clips, and game videos. The videos are in 3GP, MP4 formats.

  • Animations: Are a graphics lover? or do you like the work of art? Well, sections are for you!. In this animation section, you will see various kinds of funny animation to download on your mobile device.
    Live wallpaper section

  • Themes: Are you looking for some cool themes to install on your mobile phone? This section has got you covered. You'll see various themes' categories ranging from soccer, love, money, social/funny themes etc.
    Photos & Pictures

  • Photo Gallery: This section contains good HD images for you to download on your mobile phone. Take a look at this section and testify to what I just said.

  • Song Lyrics: Music lovers really find this section interesting. many of them already emailed me thanking me for enlightening them about the "Waptrick song lyrics section". They said that it made them get closer to their favorite music artists/music. With the song lyrics section made available to them, they can now download their favorite songs' lyrics for free on!

  • Horoscope: The thing I love so much about this horoscope section is that it gives you detailed information pertaining to your zodiac sign. Zodiac sign gives us various tips on how to live our life during a particular time in life according to our various zodiac signs. Download the latest information about your zodiac sign today via the horoscope section of the waptrick mobile site. Mp3 Music Download

Basically, the mp3 music section deals on all kinds of music files you can think of. Waptrick is a trustworthy site to download various mp3 music and song lyrics download.

The music files available on which now redirects to are downloadable on Java and Android devices. The music is in Mp3 and Mp4 formats, the mp4 format is the music video type.

Automatically, waptrick detects the device type you're using to surf their website, therefore, providing you with mp3 music files that are compatible with your device. Kindly note that the media files vary in size, so depending on your data and preference, you can choose the file type that you want to download be it high quality, medium quality, and low-quality files.

Having gained all these information, you might be wondering how you can download mp3 music file on waptrick. Well don't worry because I'll discuss how you can download mp3 music on below:

Waptrick Music Download Guide

As I earlier mentioned, I will teach you how to download mp3 music from the waptrick website. All you just need to do is to follow my well-detailed steps on how to download music:

  1. I think the number one prerequisite is to have internet connection on your mobile phone before you begin. After that, go to via the URL of your web browser. Note: Lately, it redirects to , don't worry it seems they've bought the domain also..So don't worry it's still taking you to your desired waptrick site.

  2. When you get to the homepage, locate the mp3 music section and click on it. It will show you various music categories, choose your preferred category and click on it to explore its contents.

  3. You can also search for a particular music using the "search icon" for a faster result. The keywords required for the music search includes; the artist name, song title, album title etc.

  4. The media files come in various file size and quality, I will advise you to choose the best quality so as to receive the greatest satisfaction from it.

  5. Finally, click on the media file to download it and choose your preferred file size.

Waptrick Song Lyrics

This is the category where you can view and download the various lyrics of your favorite songs for free! Waptrick doesn't require you to sign up or login first before you can access all the goodies it offers.

This is one of the very candid reasons why many people prefer downloading their stuff on waptrick ahead of others similar sites out there. They offer their services for free and this "Song lyrics" section is no exception.

The Song lyrics section is essentially important to music lovers in the sense that it makes them read and know the exact words their favorite music artists are using in their songs.

Also, although it's not 100% correct most times but it has a considerable level of trust compared to other similar song lyrics websites offering the same services. To locate this section, go to the homepage and navigate through the site to find the song lyrics section.

How To Download Free Games On

Downloading of mobile games have been made easy by waptrick. Games are of high standards and quality. And the games are virus-free trust me. I personally use to download my mobile games from

However, the reason why I like waptrick so much is that they always try to serve their customers in the best possible way they can. They always make sure they provide nothing but the best, their games section alone will attest to this.

They virtually have any type of game you can think of ranging from arcade games, adult games, soccer games, mind games, card games, action games, IQ games, kid games, platform games, movie games, casino games, classic games, Christmas games, strategy games etc.

Did you now see what I'm saying? For you game lovers, I think there is no better site to download your favorite games online than

So what are you waiting for now? Go to waptick now and start downloading your favorite games for free today!

To download free Android & Java games on waptrick, follow the steps below;
  1. Navigate to the Homepage, scroll through the site until you locate the "games" category.

  2. Click on it, you'll see a list of sub-categories of games which I've mentioned above.

  3. Tap on the category that interests you and picks a game within it that you want to download.

  4. Finally, click on the game to start the download process.

Waptrick Mobile Applications

Waptrick has got loads of mobile applications in its database to choose from. So if you're looking for applications to download to your mobile phone, kindly try the application category on the site and tell me your experience via the comment box below.

I downloaded certain cool Android applications on waptrick with just a single click. Waptrick has made downloading look so easy that I download applications on my device any time i like. In case the internet stops while you're currently downloading a file on waptrick, don't worry about that because if you quickly resume download, it will continue from where it stopped.

There are loads & loads of applications for Android & Java phones to choose from..Just surf the application category and you'll discover plenty apps that you like.

Mp4 Video Download on

Now, you can download your favorite videos on the website for free following this URL: Simply copy and paste that link to go to the movies page on the website.

There are various kinds of videos that you can download. Waptrick videos include Bollywood movies, Nollywood videos, Mp4 movies, Movie trailers, all in 3Gp and Mp4 formats. Go to waptrick now to access all the videos they've got in store for you.

I like their Hindi movies because of the movie quality and others. You can download movies in standard quality, basic quality and low-quality movies. I think I've discussed the basic information about that you need to know. Go to now and access all these benefits that I've mentioned above.

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