Apr 27, 2017

www.poweruprewards.com - Activate your Gamestop PowerUp Rewards Card

Are you prepared to activate your GameStop PowerUp rewards card? This is a program with which you get invitations to exclusively member-only occasions, early notification of offers, advancements, and other various offers.

Use your card when you buy an item at GameStop to be able to get points for every game and system you purchase.
When you get to a certain amount of points, you can choose to redeem your points for a various assortment of games, consoles and other goodies they have in store.

How to  Activate your Gamestop PowerUp Rewards Card

There are 4 straightforward strides for you to complete the activation procedure at poweruprewards.com/enact :
  1. First, you need to create or have a GameStop account, you can do this on the web by going to www.GameStop.com
    Then on getting to the site, provide both your email and password in order to log in to your GameStop account. In the event that you are new t this, you need to create a GameStop.com account, just provide a valid email address and password to create an account.
  2. For current Gamestop members, just click on the log in link to continue your card activation. You can activate your card by entering the number at the back of the card.
  3. Furthermore, after you've activated your card, you'll get a bonus of +250 PowerUp rewards points.
  4. Pick the method you prefer Gamestop to contact you.

There will be a confirmation link sent to your mail simply go to your mail and click on the link to confirm.

Getting a Gamestop PowerUp Rewards Card

For your information, thee are two types of the Gamestop rewards card. Don't worry the two of them are equally good, just choose your preferred one and apply for it.
  1. Basic membership card - With this card, you get to be a member of the Gamestop community free of charge. You can score your PowerUp points with it and access elite offers, news, and occasions. You can get it by joining at a partaking GameStop store and picking PowerUp rewards at absolutely no cost.
  2. Pro membership card - You can get this card by joining at a participating Gamestop shop and opt for a PowerUp rewards Professional for $14.99. With this card, you can score considerably more rewards points and get to select offers, news, and occasions. Moreover, you will get exceptional extra benefits including an appreciated coupon that can score you a free endless supply of online actuation. Besides, rebates on all pre-claimed game consoles and other accessories, you also get 1 year of game informer magazine supply and other rewards.
NB: Do endeavor to display your card each time you purchase a game in the Gamestop.com outlet.

Enjoy the latest Gamestop Rewards

GameStop offers its clients different advancements and prizes data which include steal of the week, hot inventory thing, smash hits, and most up to date rewards which are located in the PowerUp Rewards official site in the "Useful links" section below. You may gain up to 15,000 rewards points at once. You can get these prizes by the accompanying strides:
  1. Visit the PowerUp Rewards official site
  2. Then visit the "Go to Rewards" section to learn more the latest rewards.
  3. For you to access any reward, you have to log in first to your account.

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Overview

The GameStop PowerUp Rewards Program is organized by GameStop. GameStop is focused on conveying extraordinary game accessories to clients, paying little respect to how and where they play. If you are the type that usually plays game on a cell phone or play game consoles, I will recommend you go to Gamestop. Gamestop is the number one choice game outlet for both video and mobile gamers.

Useful Links

  • PowerUp official site - www.gamestop.com/poweruprewards
  • The PowerUp benefit page - www.powerup.com/home/Benefits
  • Finally, PowerUp credit card page - www.poweruprewards.com/Activation/poweruprewardscard

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